Item distribution

Please ignore this section for now, these are the old distribution guidelines. This is currently just a placeholder.


  • New members are required to attend 5 normal runs as a trial before they can start receiving items from their wishlist or lotting seals for AF3 pieces.

Lot Qualifications:

  • In order to qualify to lot, you must have completed your trial membership and you must sign up for the run at least 2 hours before the gather time. Once the time limit is reached you will be unable to lot without getting permission from officers. Officers are instructed to not allow last minute lotting more than very rarely.


  • Full members should make a wishlist of 3 items per zone and post it in the appropriate post on the abyssea forums. Please note that these lists are final, so think hard about what you want your list to be before you post it.
  • Wishlist items are awarded based on attendace/time in the shell as well as position in priority list. There is a cap on time in shell, much like abyssea lights, so members who have been in the shell a shorter time still have their fair chance at lotting, however still have priority over brand new members. Scenarios assume capped time status:
    • Scenario 1: Mike and Sam both have Quint Spear as their #1 item. They will both be allowed to lot
    • Scenario 2: Mike has Quint Spear as #1 item and Sam has Quint Spear as #2 item. Mike will be allowed to lot
    • Scenario 3: Mike has Quint Spear as #1 item but he has already gotten an item on his wishlist and Sam has Quint Spear as #2 item but has not received anything on his wishlist. Sam will be allowed to lot.
  • EX items such as Carabosse's Gems/Chloris Buds/Cirein-Croin's lanterns and the trial items are valid wishlist items, however, these items will take up your 3 item list for that zone, and you will have to show Niomi the weapon inscribed with that trial.
  • When wishlisted items drop, officers will call members to lot or switch alliances for their item. Please be sure that once the item is lotted by the winning member(s), that all other members pass quickly to allow the run to continue moving.
  • If an item drops that is not on a wishlist, it will start out lottable by any full members who can equip it and will use it. From there it will drop to the closest number divisible by 5, still only lottable by full members. At 75+, the item will open up to full and trial members. After the item hits 65+, the next call will be free lot to anyone, regardless of level or member status. Remember, these items are free lot with the intent to use them. If members are caught selling the free lot items they received, there will be severe consequences.


  • Full members should post in the Abyssea Job Priorities post in the forums. Please be sure to post a primary and secondary job, along with the level of the job, and what pieces of AF3 you currently have, including +1 pieces. If this is not filled out correctly, you may lose your ability to lot on your seals because we will not have the correct information for you.
  • If you want to lot seals for a job, please be sure you are the correct level. Level 81 jobs WILL be allowed to lot seals for feet, but NOT for head. If your job moves up to the next set of gear, such as 83 for AF3 legs, or if you obtain a piece of +1 gear, it is your responsibility to notify Niomi so he can change the priority list. This means a private message through the site or a confirmed tell in game, meaning there is a response that the tell was received. Editing your post on the job priority forum does not constitute notification. Members will not be able to lot corresponding cards/jewels/etc for +2 gear until they have the +1 gear that goes with it.
  • Seals are awarded based on job priority. When seals drop for armor, assuming Lv85 and full members, they will be called for people who have that job set at their primary. If there is no one, the seal will drop to secondary job members. If no secondary jobs are listed for that seal, the seal will go to Lv85 (job) and called down in increments of 5 levels each time until it is lotted. At 75+, the item will open up to full and trial members. After 65+ (job) is called, the next lot will be free lot to anyone, regardless of level or member status

Saturday KI/XP Runs:

  • Please note that Saturday night KI/XP runs do count towards trial membership. These are not optional runs and are designed to get the key items we need to pop bosses without having to use our abyssea time to farm pop sets, as well as reward the assisting members with XP.
  • You will not be able to lot your wishlist for the Visions areas unless you sign up and show up for the Saturday night KI farming runs. As not all members will fit on the Saturday night runs, I will build parties as jobs needed, and extra members have the night off, however, if you are available and you do not sign up for this run, you will not be able to lot your Visions wishlist. Parties will be done well in advance so attending and night off members will have notice.
  • If a member signs up for a Saturday night run and is a no show at enter time, they will lose their Visions lotting rights until they speak with me.
  • Members are required to sign up for Saturday runs, whether absent or attending. These will now count towards attendance.
  • Members of these Saturday night groups are asked not to leave the area to spend merits due to the fact that they will lose their amber lights (gold chests), thus negating the entire reason for the run.