Mon 21 May2012 Abyssea

All sign ups are due at least 2 hours before each run. Failing to do so will slow the run down and maybe cost you your lot for the day.

List your name and absence reason here if you will be missing this run.

Name - Reason
Akada - working at 5am, can be brought in for access if needed
niomi - sorry guys, at&t told me service would be available after 8pm, now I just called because I have a blinking red light for service and I was told the order was never completed by them and service won't be available until 8am tomorrow morning. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed off and anxious to get back to ffxi. I apologize for this delay and will be calling att tomorrow after I get service to rip them a new one. This is why I get for going DSL for the first time in 10yrs…