Mon 29 October2012 Abyssea

All sign ups are due at least 2 hours before each run. Failing to do so will slow the run down and maybe cost you your lot for the day.

List your name and absence reason here if you will be missing this run.

Name - Reason
Niomi-There is a strong possibility we will not have power due to the incoming hurricane, but I will update if it changes path.
Update: power went out then came back on for about 10 minutes, now it's been out for about 45 minutes. Don't think were going to be on tonight
11pm update: still no power and to estimated time of restoration. Could take 3-4 days like hurricane Irene last year but let's hope that's not the case
Kuro and Chibi-we know no run you guys just be careful and keep us updated.
Tanna-Stay safe you too-praying for you. I was in emergency room today with tension-migraine headache. Too much stress from my son's situation. So sorry I've been so flaky lately, not the usual me, and I hope to be participating thurs, but will keep you posted.